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We have begun The Phase-II of the UREP Consortium in November 2014

Dr. Ozkan speech

May 1, 2015 - Petroleum Engineering Professor and Director of the Unconventional Reservoir Engineering Program (UREP) Erdal Ozkan provided the semi-annual consortium update at the Spring Advisory Board Meeting, held at Colorado School of Mines.

Initiated in 2012, the UREP program is designed to focus on the unconventional aspects of unconventional reservoirs. The general objective is to achieve a more complete reservoir engineering understanding and develop more appropriate reservoir engineering tools and practices for these reservoirs. This objective covers the entire spectrum of reservoir engineering research of nanoporous, nanodarcy-permeability, and microfractured unconventional-formations. Under scrutiny are the discerning physical characteristics, non-Darcy flow mechanisms, capillary- and surface-force effects in confinement, multi-phase flow in nanoporous media, and new fluid exchange mechanisms between fractures and the rock matrix. Development of reservoir models, analysis techniques, and prediction tools are also part of the research spectrum.

UREP 2015 meeting Pictured: Members of the UREP Board of Advisors attended spring meeting at Colorado School of Mines (May 1, 2015)

Fall 2014 Advisory Board Meeting

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