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yin group 2018Xiaolong Yin is an associate professor in the Petroleum Engineering Department at Colorado School of Mines. He received BS in Mechanics from Peking University, China, MS in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University, and PhD in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University. Prior to joining CSM, he conducted postdoctoral research in the Chemical Engineering Department at Princeton University. His research focuses on computational fluid dynamics, porous media, suspension, and phase behavior. He teaches undergraduate fluid mechanics, reservoir fluid properties, graduate phase behavior, and graduate applied mathematics. He is the author / co-author of 50+ peer reviewed and 30+ conference papers, and is currently an associate editor of Advanced Powder Technology.

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Shaken Kenzhekhanov (PhD student)

Ziming Zhu (PhD student - co-advise with Dr. Erdal Ozkan)

Riyadh Hanashmooni (PhD student - co-advise with Dr. Hossein Kazemi)

Asm Kamruzzaman (PhD student - co-advise with Dr. Hossein Kazemi)

Ye Tian (PhD student - co-advise with Dr. Yu-Shu Wu)

Theoza Nopranda (MS student)

Mohammad Wendy Airlangga (MS student)

Omar Elshahawy (MS student)

Niels Snow (Undergraduate student)

Erik Collin (Undergraduate student)

Mohammed Almualim (Undergraduate student)

Yousef Alshiha (Undergraduate student)

Keerthana Krishnan (MS, 2019)

Xiaoqi Li (PhD, 2018)

Jae Kyoung Cho (PhD, 2018)

Elham Parsa (PhD, 2017 - co-advise with Dr. Erdal Ozkan)

Younki Cho (PhD, 2017 - co-advise with Dr. Hossein Kazemi)

Angela Dang (MS, 2016)

Shaken Kenzhekhanov (MS, 2016)

Jingwei Huang (MS, 2016)

Ziming Zhu (MS, 2016)

Bowen Yao (MS, 2015 - co-advise with Dr. Yu-Shu Wu)

Taylor Patterson (MS, 2015)

Lei Wang (PhD, 2014)

Feng Xiao (PhD, 2013)

Ronglei Zhang (PhD, 2013)

Wei Xu (MS, 2012 - co-advise with Dr. Keith Neeves)

Midowa Gbededo (MS, 2012)

Vladimir Petunin (MS, 2012)

Mengjie Wu (MS, 2011 - co-advise with Dr. Keith Neeves)

Michael Newman (MS, 2010)

Christine Hrenya - University of Colorado Boulder

Chao Yang - Institute of Process Engineering, China Academy of Sciences

Guodong Liu - Harbin Institute of Technology

Dongxiao Zhang - Peking University